Soho Malta

Location: St Julian’s


Services: provides flexible office solutions for today’s innovative doers and thinkers.  Offer stress-free solutions instead of limited and long-term leases. Clients are offered the freedom of adjustability that permits them to move fluidly from one space to another as they grow. Add a budding social environment that nurtures and encourages a great coworking experience, and success may be just around the corner!


Price: From 20€ per day



Clara Auffret
Clara Auffret

Clara is 20 from Paris, France. She's modelled since her childhood, she became an influencer on social medias at age 18 under the name of @surferchild, with more than 50 000 followers. She’s also a musician, her first single 'Sweet Desire' came out in July 2018 and she is working on an EP. Her activities allow her to travel a lot of discover new cultures, her biggest indulgence is waking up at 6am to surf.